Basic Needs & Education

1266129_212998348877061_44361220_oIn 2013 Children’s Action Relief, Inc. sent 4 sea containers totaling 280,000 pounds to Haiti. 100,000 pounds were construction supplies such as structural steel, wood and rebar for a new 10,000 square foot orphanage North of Port Au’ Prince, Haiti and a 15,000 square foot school in Archaie, Haiti. The orphanage is complete with 32 children and room for 68 more, ages 5 through 12. 180,000 pounds of school supplies, over the counter medicine, toiletries, clothes, school uniforms, shoes and toys were sent. Approximately $40,000 worth of desks, white boards and office equipment was donated and sent for  seven schools.

The amazing thing is that all this was done with cash donations of less than $10,000! Everything sent is donated.  The labor is done by Carolyn Canada and her husband, John and occasional youth volunteers. The warehouse is only 2,100 square feet so whatever comes in must be distributed very quickly. Otherwise, rented semi-trucks hold the supplies until they are ready to be shipped. No one is paid a salary.

Locally, Children’s Action Relief, Inc. provided food, laundry detergent and toiletries for individual families as needed.