December 2019

New Sea Container that is waiting to be filled to be sent to Haiti
New Sea Container that is waiting to be filled to be sent to Haiti
New Sea Container that is waiting to be filled to be sent to Haiti

November 2017

So thrilled that Courtney and Brad Shapiro are with John and Carolyn in Haiti to capture the smiles of happy children in photos


Today was great fun at a school in Haiti where we distributed food and stuffed animals and match box cars to the children in each classroom. We were blessed more than the children


This little angel received a handmade pillow case dress and stuffed animal and attended a party at the orphanage in honor of the children there, arranged by Pastor Rene Joseph and the orphanage administrators


These children in a Christian school in Haiti received stuffed animals and bags full of rice, beans and bottles of oil. Such a fun day for us today, seeing the smiles on the faces of these precious ones! 


Happy students in Haiti!  Love this photo taken by Courtney Shapiro in Haiti  with us 



Update January, 2017


John loading container with fork lift

Carolyn packing toys for Haiti

Pastor Rene at the Children’s Action Relief warehouse packing toys for Haiti

Pastor Rene and John Canada packing buckets for people in Haiti to haul water and notebooks

Carolyn & John Canada and Pastor Rene Packing shoes, clothes, etc…

Pastor Rene and John Canada at the Children’s Action Relief warehouse


Update August, 2016

John Canada, founder of Children’s Action Relief, worked this past Saturday, August 6th, to help load a truck containing supplies for a sea container bound for Malawi. Children’s Action Relief, Inc. has been helping African Missions for Christ, Evangelist Theresa McElroy and Reverend Russell McElroy. Carolyn Canada said, “We are so thankful to everyone who donated much needed items!”



   Rice, beans, notebooks and more in garage waiting to be loaded.


Some of the African Missions for Christ team that loaded the truck on Saturday, August 6, 2016.



Loading buckets for people in Malawi to haul water. 300 buckets were donated by Children’s Action Relief, Inc.


All items loaded and the semi truck is stuffed full!

Update June, 2016

This little girl in El Salvador is one of many students who received learning materials from our team. The look on her face says it all! Photo courtesy: Courtney Shapiro Photography.

We would Like to plan another trip to El Salvador next summer. Contact us if you are interested in going!

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These are over 300 buckets we delivered to African Missions for Christ to be sent to Malawi in October. The buckets are greatly coveted by the Malawi people who use them for carrying water and for storage.

5 pounds bucke Editedt



Update August, 2015

John and Canada purchased 10,000 notebooks to be distributed to students in Haiti and needy children in Orlando. Also, John has loaded a truck containing barrels of supplies for Malawi, Africa. They are being delivered to Reverend Russel and Oluwafeyihanwa McElroy in Deltona of African Missions for Christ to be sent August 22nd, 2015. Lots of hard work for John, loading and unloading the truck in Florida heat, but going to a great cause!

Below are some pictures of John with the 10,000 notebooks collected!



February 2015 Update

Orlando, Florida: What has Children’s Action Relief, Inc. been up to lately? Here are some of the highlights of what they have been doing:

 Children’s Action Relief made four trips in February, 2015 to West Palm Beach, Florida, from their Orlando warehouse. They hauled 10,000 pounds of donated supplies for Haiti, consisting of clothes, shoes, school supplies, mechanic tools, construction supplies and tools. They combined these loads with others that had previously been sent to West Palm Beach to be shipped on a forty foot sea container bound for Haiti.

 Also loaded was a donated small transit bus filled with supplies and a Jeep pick-up truck. Children’s Action Relief, Inc. is working together with Pastor Rene Joseph of Loving Hands Ministry, consistently using its warehouse for much needed items. The Children’s Action Relief warehouse is now empty and ready for more donations!